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by Dr Naveed Ali

We specialise in non-surgical treatments by way of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, carried out by our highly experienced Dr Naveed Ali.

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Services offered:


Anti-wrinkle injections

1 Area: £140
2 Areas: £190
3 Areas: £240
Chin (Mentalis) botox: £150
Gummy smile botox: £150
Masseter botox (jaw line slimming) : £200

Hyperhidrosis treatment

Under-arms : £300

Hyaluronic acid fillers

(Needle and Cannula technique)

Cheek: £200 per 1ml
Nasolabial folds: £200 per 1ml
Marionette lines: £200 per 1ml
Lips: £170 for 0.5ml, £270 for 1ml
Jawline: £200 per 1ml
Chin: £200 per 1ml

Non-surgical rhinoplasty: £300
Tear Trough: £250
Radiesse hand filler: £250 per 1 ml
Profhilo: £250 a treatment



Obagi Nu-derm : £700-£800
Obagi C RX system : £300
Obagi blue peel radiance: £150
Obagi Blue peel: £400
Perfect Peel: £300


Microneedling single treatment: £180
Microneedling course min 3: £150 per treatment

Aqualyx- injectable fat lipolysis

Double-chin : £250 per 10cm x 10cm area
Abdominal fat: £250 per 10cm x 10cm area
Thigh and gluteal fat: £250 per 10cm x 10cm area
Upper arm Fat: £250 per 10cm x 10cm area

Plexr Plus

Non surgical blepharoplasty: £400 a treatment
Plexr spots (small area): £200

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