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At Agora Heart, we help you develop a way of eating (your diet) that is based on the fundamental building blocks of a happy, lean, and body confident human being.
We focus on implementing solutions to food planning: portion control (without calorie counting): sleep hygiene: emotional eating; chronic snacking; and managing you carbohydrate intake based on your activity levels.
We DON'T focus on restriction or elimination of foods like many traditional diets.
We use a habit based coaching approach that teaches the 'HOW', not just the 'what', of healthy lean eating. If you have struggled in the last few years with different popular diets, then a long term coaching approach may be right for you.
You can expect three essential elements within our lifestyle coaching:
1. We give you back responsibility!
You will develop self-accountability over time, so you can build the results you want AND make them stick.  Having autonomy is an important part of long term success.
2. It's all about the learning!
Nutrition is an individual process, and there is no one method that works best.  It's about learning what does and doesn't work for you.
3. The 'other 165 hours' in your week!
You current life, work, family, and social commitments have a huge impact on the way you eat and drink on a daily basis.  We listen to you and seek to understand your life in order to make the right recommendations for you - long term.
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